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Drip, Drip, Drip

The sky is my eye
My eyes are broken

Pour...P P P

My glow bleeds
It went out
Given all
Now it weeps

As the skies open I see

I can give all I have
And all I have is me

Their arms wide open

They show who they are
I want what they have
They take all of me
I sit waiting patiently

My arms wide open

Glimmers of hope turn to waters of despair
Hands grasp all I am
My heart bleeds

I need what they have
Doubting there is enough
I give knowledge og needs
They seek selfishly

I still wait patiently

Reviewing my glow
All I gave in the past
This time, last time
The time before that

Alone again
First time since the last
and the time before that
This time we have no time

Arms close

They can't find my glow
Offer what was lacked
More promises are made
But arms closed stay closed

Arms closed
But ears weakened with care
I'm here with the glows
Mine and theirs

Arms open
I give some of me

They hurt
I hurt
To never again be combined as we

Fortifying ourselves
We live with the past
Stronger with knowledge
Receptive to the others

We hunt together
Separate but here
We hurt together
Hoping the others are near

-cleaned out all of my files and found some things i wrote a time ago-
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