Joel Awesome! (kafkadreams) wrote in projectcreation,
Joel Awesome!

an idea im working on.

Some feedback, ideas would be nice.
Soon as i have an idea of a timeline, chars, ect, im gonna start making it fiction.

Historical reseach, period work.


Architypes to use-
Foresworn oath hero
Rouge-ish trader
“Mad” Apothacary Savant
Traveling Adventuress (erstwhile leader)
Comidic Acrobat/Martial artist
Ghostwalker Gunslinger
King James of Scotland – Sustained by Faith and the blood of the Witchkind he so desperately despises, excommunicated by the church and on the inquisitions top 10 list for trafficking with devils.

Mythic Albion Steam/Magic setting?
Need to use real world deitys and cults with this…
That could be fascinating
Normal history progressed?
Golden Dawn, Round Table, ect.

Pistols (Springfield armory never happened so standardization didn’t either)
Industrial revolution put to a halt by Edward Ludd and his Mystic-Savants.
Masoch – vampire lord
Historical figures given fantasy makeover a-go-go.

History limited in scope to the 1600’s, otherwise overload.,

Russia ruled by a Fascist Dragon his semi-mortal-decendants and there Russian Jotunhiem.

Spain has become a Total Theocracy under the Zelousness of the Church. The Inquisitor-Emperor is the most feared man in the world.

The Vatican burns in the aftermath of the Catholic/Inquisitor war. Rome now part of the empire of Iberia.

The Greeks turn to their Egyptian neighbors (who with the aid of there gods never succumbed to the Islamic invasion) for aid citing the Treaty of Hetrodotus in which the Olympiads and the Lords of the Heavens began to intermix.

Small fief empires carved out nightly.

The protagonists should be Albionians, perhaps one Atlantian? Perhaps one Avalonian?

The Northern Europeans are involved in their own quiet war against Russia.

The Celts and Druidic peoples of Albion have removed themselves to Ireland, where they have broken into tribes. No-one approaches The Misty Isle without the Druids invitation.
Small enclaves have returned to Albion under the magnanimous invitation of Queen Victoria, who is in her late 50’s at the time of this tale.

Egypt itself is mired down in a Beurocracy several thousand years old, and is crumbling. The Pharoh is a fool and a child who refuses to learn to properly harness the divine right empowered into him. An An assirian coup is being formented?
Egypt must fall somehow in the scope of this tale.

Ethiopian Highlands- Nubia/Lemuria

more to come.
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