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so long as we're posting old stuff :)

I think this is the beginning of a short story I was working on ages ago.... I am beginning to remember the general idea

Dr. Acies had made up his mind. He would follow through with the plan no matter how convincing their arguments against the idea.

The final arrangements were made with infinite patience. He had all the time in the world, and he couldn’t risk anything being overlooked. The final reports from the contact in Okhotsk had arrived early that morning. They were the last. After reviewing them he filed them away along with the others. The reports came in from near and far. For the most part on time, with a few stragglers. They came in from Sydney and Sapporo, Reykjavic and Rome, New York and New Houston.

Most of the investments were conservative and long term. For the first few years all of the services he required were pre-paid. There was a sort of beauty to the system. Everyone would profit from it, especially if they made sure everyone else was doing their job. He had money enough. He had money enough to insure the comfortable living of a small group of people indefinetely. The economy would go up, it would go down, it would probably crash several times. But so long as there was something profitable going on somewhere, one of his people would be in on it. One of his people would be in on it and everyone would be all the better. Few appreciated the beauty of the system as well as he did. After all, Dr. Acies was a genius. A ‘borderline genius’ they had called him. What nonsense. He was no genius. He merely knew a great many things, and was good at most anything he tried his hand at.

the character is cryogenically frozen, and the rest of the story is set in the world he wakes up in....
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